North America

It is the ultimate badge of big-game hunting, the North American 29. This is hunting that requires venturing between the Arctic and Tropic of Cancer, Atlantic and Pacific, and from above tree line to desert floor. And the number of hunters who have achieved this milestone is only the few. Look at the unique horned game of the continent–the four sheep that comprise the Grand Slam, bison, mountain goat, muskox, and the one animal that evolved exclusively in North America, the pronghorn antelope. The predators include the four bears, from black to polar, and the cougar. Only with the finest guides, outfitters, and camps is this done. And in the quest for the "29," hunters are also likely to encounter wolves, wolverine, coyotes, bobcat, and lynx. This is the hunting and the game of Theodore Roosevelt and Jack O'Connor, in the vast and varied lands of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett.