Some of the most sought after and storied animals in Africa are the scores of species of horned game. On the savannah of Cameroon and the Central African Republic match your hunting skills against the enormous and majestic giant eland, said to "eat at a run and sleep at a…

Europe and Asia

The code of the hunter was refined on the highlands and in the forests of Europe, where hunting is a noble tradition dating back millennia. The masters of the hunt in Europe are the ones to take you after its celebrated game–red stag, fallow and roe deer, mouflon, ibex, wild…

North America

It is the ultimate badge of big-game hunting, the North American 29. This is hunting that requires venturing between the Arctic and Tropic of Cancer, Atlantic and Pacific, and from above tree line to desert floor. And the number of hunters who have achieved this milestone is only the few.…


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