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Jack Brittingham's World of Hunting Adventure Jack Brittingham's World of Hunting Adventure Jack Brittingham's World of Hunting Adventure
What Hunting Dreams are Made of

The Greatest Hunting on Earth

Jack Brittingham's World of Hunting Adventure is your ticket to the world's finest hunting grounds, delivered with world -class customer service and uncompromising attention down to the most minute detail.


Monster Yukon Moose

monster yukon moosePositively exceptional moose have been harvested in this area of the Yukon. Conducted from either boats or horses or by backpacking, this outfitter will assist in your pursuit of North America's largest antlered game. More than any other outfitter in North America, this outfitter has taken more record book moose in the last 17 years for both bow & rifle hunters.

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From the Field | Blog

How To Book Your Hunting Adventure


With the onset of the North American hunting season, many hunters will travel to and/or plan for a variety of hunting expeditions now or in the future. Below are a few ideas to help you book your hunt.

Most hunters already have an idea of the specie(s) they seek, but occasionally don't realize what other game may or may not be offered, available new territories, up and coming areas, 'honey-holes', etc. The most important thing a hunter should do prior to booking their hunt is research the options.

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