Europe and Asia

The code of the hunter was refined on the highlands and in the forests of Europe, where hunting is a noble tradition dating back millennia. The masters of the hunt in Europe are the ones to take you after its celebrated game–red stag, fallow and roe deer, mouflon, ibex, wild boar, and more. Here hunting is carried out with elegance and etiquette. On a European hunt you experience not only fabulous trophy quality but will hear the sound of the hunting horn, present the animal with its "last bite," be awarded the branch touched to the fallen animal, and receive the "hunter's salute." You may find yourself lodging in medieval castles or on famed hunting estates and enjoying the nest of continental cuisine. Be prepared for hunting from "high seats," spotting-stalking, climbing mountains, or the thrill of driven game, against a background of history and legend.​

Asian hunting will forever be associated with the glorious, bygone era of the British Raj, Jim Corbett, and the hunting of the Bengal tiger; but the world's largest continent today o"ers so much more than that. For the mountain hunter the Asian peaks promise unsurpassed high-altitude adventures in the pursuit of Marco Polo, argali, and blue sheep, tur, ibex, and markhor. Giant brown bears are found in Far Eastern Russia, along with snow sheep, monstrous moose, and Asian wapiti. To hunt in Asia is to ride in the hoof prints of long-ago warriors and to trek in the boot prints of the famed explorerhunters of a century ago in lands east of the sun and west of the moon, and in the shadow of the dragon.