Miles Fedinec

Miles Fedinec is dedicated to wildlife and conservation with a deep-rooted passion for hunting and adventure. Born and raised in the mountains and high deserts of Colorado, these traits came naturally. Miles’ lust for adventure took him on his first trip abroad; a solo trip to Africa at the age of twenty-one. That first safari fueled his desire to discover the diverse wildlife and unique cultures of the world.

​As a professional guide and outfitter since 2003, Miles has experienced great success for his clients throughout various states and countries around the world for a multitude of species. He has guided everything from governor-tag hunters, backcountry wilderness adventures, and exotic hunts in locations such as South America, Africa, Europe and New Zealand. Needless to say, his knowledge and skill as a hunter and guide is respected widely throughout the international hunting circles. ​

Miles’ vast experience has built a knowledge base that is often called upon by other hunters and professionals of the hunting and outdoor industries. As a writer and photographer he has published many articles as well as being featured in multiple publications by other outdoor writers. Active in outdoor television, Miles has served both behind and in front of the camera featured as a hunter and a guide.

Through the many parts of the outdoor industry Miles is involved in, he has realized that some of the greatest satisfaction comes from helping other hunters and adventurers achieve their dreams. As a professional hunting consultant, Miles puts his heart and soul into making sure every last detail is covered to ensure his clients have the trip of a lifetime.